Universal Plastic Pallet & Container

Dae-gu Factory [No.1]

UNIPAC is well-known for the largest single manufacturing plants in Korea and the largest number of injection molding machines in Korea.
In particular, UNIPAC is making a new leap forward to become a real global company specializing in plastic logistics products by operating one of the two huge 7000-ton injection molding machines available globally.

  • Major equipment status
TypeUnitProductproducing unit
per month
7000t1Jumbo Box / 1100L Trash Can650t
3000t2Frame of the Pallet / Bumper / Medium Size Box1000t
2500t6Body of the Trash Can / Pallet / Soundproof Walls2250t
2200t2Body of the Trash Can / Pallet / Soundproof Walls1000t
1800t1Pallet / Bumper150t
850t2Milk Box / Agricultural Products Box200t